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Reports & eStatements

Information Central

A central repository where payment providers can upload a variety of reports for their merchants to view and download. Merchant monthly eStatements, specific transactions or performance reports are example records that could be stored.


Key benefits

Exceptional Efficiency

Reduce operational costs

Lessen the number of support calls relating to re-sending merchant e-statements or reports. Reduce the need and associated costs of physically posting financial statements.


Payment providers have optionality in the reports and file types they offer merchants, with the ability to add/remove them as required.


With the files stored in an easily accessible, single location, merchants are not wasting time searching through folders and accounts.

Top features

Integrated Flexibility

Image showing schematic representation of a variety of file types.

01. Range of File types available

There are 10+ file types available, allowing for a wide range of documents to be published into the portal. These include PDF, CSV, XLSX, TXT, XML, DOCX, and PPTX.

02. Filter reports

Reports can be categorised by report type, frequency of submission, and/or date. Merchants receiving many reports can quickly access those required, via the search and filter options.

03. Download files

Merchants can save files onto local devices for offline record storage, printing purposes or the ability to digitally ingest them into other services (e.g., accounting programs).
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