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Customer Insights

Knowledge is power

A visual dashboard of actionable business performance and customer insights is presented in the dashboard. Trends can be viewed in near real-time, empowering merchants to make data-driven decisions.


Key benefits

Reduce. Evaluate. Inform.

Reduce cognitive overhead of data compilation

Merchants can review their business performance immediately, limiting any delays for cost optimisation or revenue growth actions.

Evaluate activities

Help merchants assess the success of their marketing and promotional programs, e.g. they can view new vs returning customers over different periods.

Inform growth plans

Expansion or consolidation plans can be appraised based on insights data (e.g. open additional stores, release new products).

Top features

Information. Instantly.

01. Clear and simple data visual representation

Data is consolidated from multiple sources (mx51 and others) and presented on the Merchant Dashboard as charts, graphs, and hero metrics. It allows merchants to identify patterns and trends in their performance.

02. Benchmarking function

Merchants can compare performance across variables including location, channel, individual terminal, or by prior periods. Market and business cycles can be mapped to these trends with business operations adjusted accordingly.

03. Advanced filtering

Users can filter by a growing number of longitudinal metrics to isolate those relevant to the entire business or a division (e.g. finance or marketing), assessing against KPIs.
One-click Reports & eStatements Total Convenience.
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