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Supporting your business at all stages of growth

At mx51 we are merchant obsessed. We are about delivering simple, seamless and leading merchant experiences by working closely with payments providers and our payment ecosystem partners.

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Who we help

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) & Mid-market

01. Hassle-free, simple set-up and faster transactions

Pair your payment terminal to a Point-of-Sale (“POS”) easily over Wi-Fi or ethernet cable. Move your customers along with swift transaction speeds, giving you more time to run your business.

Check out our growing list of 100+ POS Partner integrations.

02. Get increased visibility and control

Track payments, manage and view your business performance across all stores in real-time, in one place.

Who we help

Large Enterprises

01. Advanced features to suit your industry

Take advantage of payment features unique to your customers’ needs. Dynamic surcharging, bill splitting, pay-at-table, tipping, and many-payment-terminal-to-one-POS are some of mx51’s capabilities that will improve your customers’ experience.
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02. Ease merchant administrative workload

Engage seamlessly with your bank/payment provider to raise and track support issues and manage chargebacks.

03. Enhance operational visibility

Utilise our payment terminal reporting capability to keep track of operational performance across the terminal fleet.
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Our solutions deliver to merchants’ industry-specific needs.

01. Hospitality

Payments flexibility

Take integrated payments at the table and split bills, offering customers payment flexibility.


Surcharging allows your venue to cover your payment acceptance costs and provide transparency to the customer.

Works out of the box

POS integration that works out of the box, with pairing in seconds allowing you to reduce errors and improve throughput.

02. Retail

Near real-time visibility on payments

Gain near real-time visibility on payments across your physical stores, individual terminals and by retail shifts.

Customer insights

Unpack key customer insights to influence your promotional and marketing activity.

Access over 100 integrations

Leverage POS integration benefits by accessing over 100+ POS and PMS integrations.

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Our solutions deliver simplified and exceptional experiences for merchants, enabled through our expert partner network.

Our Point-of-Sale integration makes it easy for merchants to connect their POS with a payment terminal, in seconds, rather than minutes.

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In Store Payments

Our Point-of-Sale integration makes it easy for merchants to connect their POS with an payment terminal, in seconds, rather than minutes.

We have over 100 POS and PMS integrations available.

Many of the mx51 POS integrations leverage our payments middleware called ‘Spice’, which sits on your POS device. The Spice adaptor manages the connection to the payment terminal and sits on the Point-of-Sale.

Please check with your POS provider before installing Spice using the link below.

Merchant Dashboard

As a merchant, having one place to view your multi-channel payments and access value-added services will deliver operational efficiencies for your business.

From this single dashboard, merchants can manage and keep track of payments and view their business performance across all their stores in real-time.

Speak to your payments provider today to learn more.

Download Spice

Powerful Connections

Our simple solution for Point-of-Sale integration makes it easy for our POS partners and merchants to connect their POS with an payment terminal.

Our Spice adaptor is a standalone middleware program that managed the connection to the POS device.

The Spice payments adaptor can be launched by any Windows-based Point-of-Sales (POS) system. For POS partners, it simplifies integration between a POS and our terminal solution, improving the ease and speed of integration.

For merchants, your POS software may require the Spice adaptor to connect to your terminal. Please check with your POS provider before installing Spice using the link above.

Minimum PC Specifications
1.6 GHz or faster processor (32-bit or 64-bit)
Windows 8 or newer
2 GB Ram
Internet connection (will function offline)

Please contact your POS software provider to complete the pairing.

Delivering leading merchant experiences

Our solutions enable leading payment providers to deliver exceptional merchant experiences.

Reach out to your payment provider to learn more.

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