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Integrates. Seamlessly.

The mx51 platform is a secure and scalable Payment as a Service (PaaS) solution.

It integrates payment solutions and value-added services, amalgamating data to enhance the overall offering. The platform enhances legacy payment provider processing infrastructure, allowing payment providers to deliver modern capabilities, without replacing existing infrastructure.

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Merchant Services Platform (MSP)

Merchant Services Platform (MSP)

MSP is an adaptable and robust runtime platform that scales to the client’s demands.

MSP integrates with a range of internal and external systems from in-store terminals and payment provider systems to gateways, identity providers (SSO) and mx51 dashboards. The pluggable architecture allows clients to select the capabilities they require to build a product that’s market ready.

Key benefits

Commerce to the power of mx51

Exclusive environment

Every mx51 customer gets a dedicated tenancy which consists of segregated runtime instances of technology components.

Infrastructure extension

MSP can be seen as an extension of the client’s infrastructure, the segregation goes down to the cloud account levels, networks, data, and compute power.

  • Created with security as a first principle.

  • Compliant with industry standards SOC 2 Type 2.

  • Built natively in the cloud, and architected for scalability, availability and integrity.

Low latency

Irrespective of the payment method, transactions and other data can be obtained from MSP and displayed in Merchant Dashboard and Support Dashboard in near real-time.

Top features

High performance.
Straight out of the box.

01. Multi-source data ingestion

MSP ingests transactions and merchant data out of the box from multiple sources including mx51, payment provider sources as well as 3rd parties’ such as gateways, POS/PMS and Value Added Services partners.
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02. Embedded into payment providers’ workflows

Allows for the client’s system to programmatically drive merchant onboarding/servicing, or for example push content such as merchant reports, off-platform data via API or batch file integration.
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Data Platform

Data Platform

MSP enables rich merchant data to be ingested into a warehouse, with analytics surfaced in merchant and customer facing products.

Our dedicated team has carefully designed the data warehouse and processing architecture to streamline flows, ensuring reliabitly and accesibilty. This framework allows mx51 and customer product teams to build features that save support efforts and improve the merchant experience.

Key benefits

Your data. Your choice.

Data ownership

Although mx51 is the custodian, all clients have full ownership of their data.

Flexible interface options

Clients can choose to ingest data into their own systems or query it using their business intelligence software. Alternatively, they can view it already visualised in our dashboards.

Domain expertise

Thanks to mx51’s payments domain knowledge, analytical offerings are continuously refined and improved to ensure they are as useful as possible for the client.

Better understanding of merchants

Across the mx51 data-enabled products, payment providers can identify trends across the fleet or at the individual device level. Improved processes, pricing decisions or use of certain features are highlighted.

Top features

Insider knowledge

Abstract image of purple transparent blocks, representing analytics and data.

01. Comparative analytics

Smart comparative analytics over the client’s entire data sets.

02. Merchant insights

Merchant insights from transactional data, visualised in dashboards.
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03. Early issue detection

Diagnostics to help investigate existing merchant issues and proactively detect potential future ones, enabling the client to fix them before they cause any impact on the merchants.
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Turbo-charged payments Instore. Incredible.
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Service suite Support.
From implementation
and beyond.

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