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Level 20, 135 King Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

Always evolving

We began our journey with a bank, with the idea of delivering simple, intuitive, integrated payments experiences to merchants. Fast forward to today, we offer our white-labelled, multi-channel solutions to world-leading payment providers.

Total transactions processed


Annualised transactions per annum (2022). As a white-label, bank-grade platform we’re able to handle large transactions volume reliably, securely, and scale effectively as our clients grow.

Total processed volume


Total value of transactions processed by our platform on an annualised basis (2022).

Partner integrations


Our simple Point-of-Sale (POS) integration makes it easy for our POS partners and merchants to connect their POS with a payment terminal.

Our name

mx51 is short for merchant experience, as we’re obsessed with building products centred around merchants and their customers. The number 51 is synonymous with cutting edge innovation and technological breakthroughs. mx51 reflects our focus on technology, innovation and the merchant experience.

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Our clients

We support leading banks, merchant acquirers and payment facilitators to deliver best-in-class merchant experiences.

What our customers say

Our partnership with mx51 has helped us to go to market with one of the most technologically advanced payment solutions in the world. Our collaboration has delivered fast and seamless payment integration for our merchants.


Our timeline

A timeline of innovation, inspiration and initiative.

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2016 The journey begins

It all started as a corporate innovation project within Westpac Banking Group. We even had a codename – Project 51.

Red Westpac logo.
2017 Westpac invests in innovation

This is the year that Westpac invested in Assembly Payments (now known as Zai) to develop the Project 51 business.

2018 Live with the first solution with first customer

We launched our first product offering in the market – POS Integration, enabling seamless integration between POS and payment terminal – with our first customer, Westpac through their Presto product line.

2018 Our second solution is launched

Merchant Dashboard, a merchant portal displaying near real-time transaction and terminal health reporting, goes live.

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2020 mx51 finally stands alone

mx51 was spun out from Assembly Payments.

2020 Expands customer engagement

This year saw mx51 open up its capabilities to the market.

Mastercard Startpath logo.
2020 Mastercard Start Path

mx51 was selected for the Mastercard Start Path program - Mastercard’s global start-up engagement program, helping innovative later-stage start-ups to scale.

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2021 Growth accelerates

We saw a three-fold increase in contracted client base, including our first non-bank, payment provider.

2021 Completed Series A

Completed series A, AUD$25m raised, with Mastercard as the lead investor.

Office environment showing colleagues at work – a young woman dressed in a denim shirt and glasses is holding a pen and smiling at her colleague.
2022 Sales expansion

We executed sales agreements with three additional clients increasing Australian market penetration.

2022 Completed Series B

AUD$ 32.5 m raised, with a leading Global VC as lead investor and Mastercard.

2022 SOC 2 Type II certified

We received our SOC 2 Type II certification, building on our bank grade credential extending across all our solutions.

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2023 Value Added Services

We go live with our Value Added Services offering in the market, delivering chargebacks and dispute case management.

mx51 icon on dark background.
2023 Brand refresh

Update our brand proposition representative of our next chapter as we scale our solutions and growth.

Our leadership team

Meet our leadership team.

  • Victor Zheng.

    Victor Zheng

    Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

  • Magnus Hsu.

    Magnus Hsu

    Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

  • Steven Hadley.

    Steven Hadley

    Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder

  • Varghese Mathew.

    Varghese Mathew

    Chief Customer Officer

  • Jo Newton.

    Jo Newton

    Head of People

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