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We provide a dispute/chargeback management solution that streamlines processes by reducing manual efforts between merchant and payment provider teams.


Key benefits

Chargeback management simplified.

Save time and effort

The case management tool allows for alert of chargebacks, status updates, comments, attaching documents and includes some information as pre-populated.

Streamline the chargeback management process

Capture efficiencies by quickly monitoring chargeback status’, meaning you no longer need to chase reference documents from multiple sources (emails, attachments, receipts, etc).

Reduce dispute noise

By filtering and searching by expiry dates, and status, merchants can focus on the chargebacks most important to them.

Reduce losses and fraud

Merchants are more likely to challenge disputes due to the ease of use of the case management portal and can catch ch argebacks before items are shipped.

Top features


01. Early awareness

When a chargeback has been lodged, a merchant can be made aware early, allowing more time to assess claims, manage customer relationships and avoid admin fees.

02. Activity log

Within the dashboard, merchants can assess historical evidence in one location and review any comments made, status updates and evidence uploads.

03. Status updates

Chargeback cases can be viewed and sorted by status, saving time, and allowing merchants to assess all their chargebacks at a glance. They can also be filtered by date, case ID, case title, merchant ID and amount, and track and prioritise their management efforts.
One-click Reports & eStatements Total Convenience.
Total awareness Insights made to fit.

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