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What’s the problem we are trying to solve?

Enable payment providers to deliver simple, efficient and value adding solutions to address their merchants’ needs.

Incumbent payment providers have struggled to keep up the pace with merchants’ needs, resulting in loss of market share.

Merchants don’t want to deal with paper forms, call centres or multiple portals. They desire simple, effective solutions that save time.

01. The rapidly evolving world of commerce

Most incumbent payment providers have no or very basic digital capability for merchants to manage their payment facility. In fact, most incumbents are still providing monthly e-statements to merchants and servicing their needs with call centres.

Compounding the issue for merchants is that the rapidly evolving world of commerce is complex, and merchants struggle with disparate solutions that don’t talk to each other.
A middle-aged woman wearing glasses is smiling and looking at a laptop in front of her.

02. Merchant engagement is being disrupted

At the same time, digital native payment disruptors have developed ecosystems of capability, helping merchants with payment acceptance, Point-of-Sale integration, marketing & insights, cash flow lending, fraud management, chargeback management… and the list goes on.

More importantly, the disruptors have built superior merchant engagement, allowing merchants to access the ecosystem through a single digital experience.

How does mx51 empower payment providers to be merchant obsessed?

Helping payment providers to thrive in a rapidly evolving world

mx51’s mission is to help payment providers to thrive in a rapidly evolving world where merchants face the complexities of operating multiple payment solutions, multiple services and dealing with manual processes.

01. A seamless digital experience

To solve merchant’s pain points, payment providers need to deliver a seamless digital experience that wraps together payments & value-added services into a single ecosystem.
An abstract image in purple and blue, illustrating the idea of connectivity and an ecosystem of embedded services.

02. Orchestrating an ecosystem of embedded services

mx51 helps payment providers deliver an ecosystem of embedded payments & value-added services to merchants, through a single API orchestration layer and white-label merchant portal experience.

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